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Library History

History of the Hamilton Public Library

old library
Hamilton Public Library located on the square, about 1972

Hamilton National Bank was the home for the first Public Library prior to the 1950s. The library was then moved to the Hamilton Public Schools from 1952-1965 where it was in a holding pattern.

In January 1966, the books were moved to 112 S. Bell and in 1972 the books were moved again to 123 E. Henry, at which time a "real" library began to develop.

With the support of the city, county, businesses and many individuals, Hamilton Public Library joined the Central Texas Library System which enables us to receive free books, free continuing education classes, telephone and on-site help with day-to-day problems, workshops via computer, training for the library board and staff, inventory, online resources, Texas Reading Club, technical service and a small library management training program.

Through the Central Texas Library System, we can order books not available locally for only the cost of postage.