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Hamilton Public Library

Oceans of Possibilities - Summer 2022

Summer 2022

Summer Reading Kick-Off Party

The Hamilton Public Library hosted a kick-off party for our Summer Reading Program! Families enjoyed free hot dogs & ice cream bars in the library backyard. ☀️😎🌭🍦

Check out pictures from our Summer Reading Kick-Off Party! Thank you to Hamilton Dairy Queen, Brookshire Brothers, and all our wonderful volunteers!!!

Summer Reading

The Hamilton Public Library held its annual Summer Reading Program from June 21st to June 24th. 

Making sea anemones

Pearl diving

Fish, Fish...Shark!!!

Now, this is a snack time spread.

Story time with Sea Otters!

Starfish Race!

Closing Time!

Making Oyster Pearl cookies!


The BIG AQUARIUM GIVEAWAY! Our fish was looking for a new home.

One of our youth volunteers, Morgan Henkes, demonstrated how to draw an island on the treasure maps.

Making new friends during the Oceans of Possibilities program. 😊

Creating their own treasure maps.

Roundup time with many prizes awarded each day.

"Cannon Ball Blast" had the kids running all around the back yard trying to stomp and pop everyone's balloons.

Shirley Gerald and Anissa Lynn were our superb game leaders!

A favorite snack were the Dolphin bananas and grapes. Thank you Shannan Roberts!

Tommy Deutsch, Micca Rogers, and Karen Opersteny were so generous to allow all of our kids to "Sea the Possibilities" with their sea life collections. Thank you, ladies!!

The front-line ladies holding down the fort each day were BettyAnn Rainwater and Pam Jones!

Our fabulous snack providers Lexsa York, Aubrey Gates and Eileen Evans always had a smile and outstanding treats for our kids.

The sweet sounds of summer in a Conch shell.

Hunting for seashells and they got to keep 2 each.

Craft time to make yarn turtle magnets.

In the story room the kids read about crabs and then got to do the Crab Crawl.

Miss Laura leading the kids through the sea animals kelp forest craft.

Our largest group of kids were making porthole suncatchers.

Snack time for the older kids was also social time.

Group photo!

Fred the Fish with his new owner, Johanna Jeschke!

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