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2021 Winners

10th Annual Hamilton Public Library Bookmark Contest Winners

Tails and Tales - 2021 Children's Bookmark Contest Winners - Hamilton Public Library

The Hamilton Public Library Announces the Winners of the 10th Annual Bookmark Contest!

The Library is thrilled to announce the winners of our 10th Annual Bookmark Contest and congratulate each of the young artists for their stunning creations.  Each of the art students displayed true artistic talents while stretching the limits of their imaginations!  After viewing their artwork, you will see how these young children enlighten our minds, uplift our hearts, and inspire everyone with their talents.

The students used the library’s summer reading theme: “Tails and Tales” as the inspiration for their designs under the direction of Mr. James Brown, Hamilton ISD Art teacher, and coordinated by Mrs. Misti Polster, Hamilton ISD Elementary Music and ELL teacher. We want to thank these teachers for their outstanding talent for reaching & instructing all 198 participating students.  They brought to life the artistic talents of some of our youngest & brightest stars in Hamilton’s Kindergarten through 5th grade students.

The winning designs are now available for purchase from the Hamilton Public Library’s website. You may order up to 5 of each bookmark and the cost is only 50 cents per bookmark.  All proceeds will be used for children’s programming in the future. You may download an order form or order online here.

CONGRATULATIONS again to the winners and we look forward to watching your imagination and artistic talents expand as you grow through reading more "Tails and Tales!"

First Place

Second Place

Honorable Mention

Congratulations to all our young artists!!!