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Hamilton County Authors

Books by Hamilton County Authors

Boyar, Brad

  • Riding the Skies

Chesley, Hervey

  • Adventuring with the Old-Timers: trails traveled, tales told.

Deal, Opal

  • Born of Thee

Dickson, Ron

  • Tack Room Memories

Emmett, Chris

  • Shanghai Pierce: a fair likeness
  • The General and The Poet
  • Texas as it was then
  • Texas Camel Tales
  • In the Path of Events
  • Give Way to the Right
  • Fort Union and the Winning to the Southwest

Harelik, Mark

  • The Legacy
  • The Immigrant

Harris, Johnny

  • Texas Ranger Cookbook

Hensen, Jim

  • Legends, History, and Yarns: Along the Texas Trails

Jones, C. Allen

  • Texas Roots

Moody, Tim

  • Devotional talks on Christian Commitment

Pannell, Nancy

  • Being a Minister's Wife-and Being Yourself

Pendleton, Alton

  • Three O'Clock High

Rice, James

  • Texas Jack at the Alamo
  • An Irish Halloween
  • Cajun Night Before Christmas
  • Gaston goes to Nashville
  • Gaston Lays an Offshore Pipeline
  • Lyn and the Fuzzy
  • Prairie Christmas
  • Sailor's Night Before Christmas
  • Nashville 98: a novel
  • La Nochebuena South of the Border
  • Texas Alphabet
  • Texas Honky-Tonk Music
  • An Irish Night Before Christmas
  • Why Cowboys Need a Pardner
  • Christmas at the J-O
  • Cowboy Alphabet for Grown Ups and Young'uns Too
  • Cowboy Alphabet
  • Cowboy Rodeo
  • Gaston Drills an Offshore Oil Well
  • Gaston Goes to Texas
  • Gaston, The Green-Nosed Alligator
  • Texas Night Before Christmas

Riker, Hugh

  • Wit & Wisdom: Under the tree of Knowledge

Sandell, Cindy

  • In A Fevered Land {book}

Sandell, Velma

  • Ancient Texas Cultures (video)
  • Geography of Texas (video)

Sparks, Mamie Pendleton

  • Between Neighbors

Sullivan, Judy

  • Mama Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Swindle, Howard

  • Once A Hero: the true story of one man's tragic oddessy from Vietnam to Leavenworth
  • Jitter Joint
  • Deliberate Indifference: a story of murder and racial injustice
  • Doin' Dirty

Woodall, Louis

  • The First Fifty Years